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ACE has a wealth of experience in the conversion of agricultural biomass to heat and power. We offer the technological and logistical expertise to transform waste products into cost-saving solutions for businesses of any size, from heat (greenhouses, refrigeration units, washing facilities) and power (solid fuels, biogas, electricity) to everyday consumables (compost, bio-char, insecticides).



ACE provide green solutions to issues of wastewater management, erosion control and habitat alterations for the enhanced environmental sustainability of our clients’ operations. For example, we design and construct treatment wetlands for water purification, provide floating island technology for landscape beautification and rehabilitate degraded sites through ecological restoration programs.



ACE can transform any biomass into high-density solid fuels (charcoal, briquettes, pellets), as well as provide combined heat and power solutions (hot water, gas, electricity) for a range of domestic, municipal and commercial applications. We provide alternative, renewable and energy efficient products for the public through our ACE Energy Shops, increasing energy security and affordability for all.


ACE Environmental Consultancy Ltd. provides innovative green solutions in agriculture, conservation and energy. ACE is directed by a team of entrepreneurs, academics and resource management professionals, with head offices located in Naivasha, Kenya.


ACE works in partnership with a broad spectrum of professional organizations, from international finance corporations, private sector companies and investment groups to public service providers, charitable organizations and regional NGOs. ACE recognizes the dynamic challenges faced by those working in agriculture, conservation and energy thanks to the combined experience of our international team of expert consultants and partners working within and across these sectors. ACE take a holistic approach to every consultancy undertaken, working in partnership with our clients all the way from project design and planning, through implementation and management, to post-project appraisal and publicity.



ACE Energy Shop. To meet the demand for clean, efficient fuel among the local population around Naivasha, ACE has partnered with Gulf Energy to distribute Pima Gas cylinders –– compact, portable, partially refillable LPG cooking stoves –– via our flagship ACE Energy Shop in Karagita, Naivasha. The innovative stoves have been extremely well received and we’re expanding into surrounding areas to reduce reliance on charcoal and firewood across the region.

Constructed Wetland. ACE was contracted by the VP Group to design a holistic wastewater treatment wetland for their Liki River Farm (Longonot Division) in Naivasha. The system, comprising both constructed and natural elements, handles approximately 15 m3/day and is nearing completion. Several species of waterfowl and invertebrates have already begun frequenting the pond margins, which have been planted with native wetland species including papyrus.

Ecological Restoration. As part of our ecological restoration activities, ACE recently partnered with Van den Berg Roses, Kenya to protect and enhance the shoreline of Lake Naivasha. Having conducted an EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment), 22 floating islands populated with wetland plants were deployed offshore from the farm. These islands serve to reduce wave action, ameliorate erosion and provide fish breeding and bird nesting sites, whilst improving the aesthetic appeal of the lake edge.